a film by Runar Enberg


Thirteen experiences richer.

The history of a meeting between two cultures and a journey from Umeň, Sweden, to Ghana, Africa.

Ten pupils from High School are travelling to a country where the fellows are holding hands and know how to handle a shuffle.

The pupils are from the third year of the construction courses.

Some teacher's have initiated a project for the guys, then in on their first year on the course,
where the will integrate several subjects where the most visible goal is to take them to
Kpando Technical Institute in Kpando, in the Volta region in Ghana, to build a new house on the school ground.

The Swedish guys, who are fifteen at home, will try to make all the 2.5000 pupils at their school to collect money for all the construction material.

They also have hopes to get grants from different funds.

The journey will be a very special one and in the film you'll follow them in the every day life in school,

on their journey to Ghana and what happens when they get home.

It's a process, and the filmmakers are just in the middle of it.


HOLDING HANDS was very well received in Sweden and has been sold to Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

It received a Honourable Mention at Barents TV-Festival in the autumn of 2001.