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Marianne Söderberg


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"Boogaloo Road" is a film about creativity, about love to music and to human beings. This story, about musician Tim Hagans, does not run on the big stages but takes place where music creates and the creative power is high.
We will meet a crazy American on the Artic Circle, an accordion player who touches the soul, a winter-bathning lady and we will go on a trip in a beautiful scenery in search of espresso.
You may think that it is a long way from New York City to the little village of Harads in northern Sweden. But the American trumpet player and jazz musician Tim Hagans is well at home in both places. He moves from the jazz scene in New York City to a stage somewhere in exotic Lapland. The twice Grammy Award nominee Hagans says that the soul of the music is the same in both places. 
Runar Enberg and Marianne Söderberg have followed Tim Hagans in New York City - where he is in the frontline with drum 'n' bass improvised music released on the notable Blue Note Records. Though Tim Hagans has played with legends like Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Mel Lewis and Gil Evens he is bringing the big band traditions to new standards as the leader of the world's most notherly based professional big band, The Norrbotten Big Band.
"Boogaloo Road" is a personal story that takes different roads, creates unexpected rendez vous and is spiced with interesting thought's about improvisation and about the differences between a country that still have it's cultural life sponsorred by public funding and a country where culture has to stay alive on it's own terms.
Filmmaker Runar Enberg has made films like "Skerry Fairy-Tale", "Days by the River", "A Fur Story", the twice-award wining films "Holding Hands" and "A Heaven in a Mosquito's Nest".


Shooting format: Digital Beta/DV-Cam, 16:9, stereo
Running time: 57 min.
Production period: January 2001-October 2001
Production: Moviemakers Nord AB in co-production with Swedish Television and with support from Filmpool Nord AB.
Producer: Göran Lindström
Assistant Producer: Runar Enberg
: Runar Enberg
Idea/Research/Interwies: Marianne Söderberg
Sound, recording: Börje Eriksson
Sound, editing and mix: Greger Fitinghoff
On-Line: Jari Tarvainen
Electronic lightning: Anders Eklund
With:Tim Hagans, Bob Belden, Rebecca LaRue, Bruce Lundwall, Scott Kinsey, Dave Dyson, Billy Kilson, Zach Danziger, DJ Kingsize, Dan Johansson, Mirka Siwert, Norrbotten Big Band and more





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About Tim HagansTIMTAG.jpg (40516 bytes)

Raised in 60-ties with rock and pop Tim Hagans made his band debut at the age of 19 with Stan Kenton’s famous big band. During three years Hagans toured US with Kenton like the old tradition from cost to cost playing mostly one-night gigs for about 50 weeks every year.

After a short while in Woody Herman’s band Hagans moved in the end of the 70-ties to Malmö, Sweden. Tim Hagans lived in Malmö, and the nearby European Jazz scene, for five years.

He then moved back to U.S.A. where he played in clubs, in orchestras with jazz musicians like Gil Evans, Bob Mintzer, Joe Lovano and Mel Lewis. He worked as teacher did studio gigs and also a lot of gigs at party’s, weddings and such.

Tim Hagans have been sideman on many records, recorded under his own name LP’s and three CD’s on Blue Note Records. The last two, "Animation-Imagination" and "Reanimation" have been nominated for
a Grammy Award.

About five years ago Tim Hagans was contacted by Norrbottensmusiken and it’s producer Mirka Siwert that offered him a job as artistic director of The Norrbotten Big Band, the worlds most northerly situated professional big band. From then on he’s been travelling constantly between the US and Europe. Besides working with The Norrbotten Big Band he’s been touring Europe as a front line trumpet player and also teaching on Universities, Music Academies and also with young people on different schools. He’s also the leader of AYJO, Arctic Youth Jazz Orchestra, where young jazz musicians from northern Scandinavia plays.

In the US Tim Hagans has for several years worked with musician/composer/producer Bob Belden. This collaboration (together with DJ Kingsize, Scott Kinsey, Dave Dyson, Billy Kilson, Zach Danzinger and more) made "Animation-Imagination" and "Reanimation" records in the front line of modern jazz.

Tim Hagans say’s that in the US it’s much of mainstream jazz but in Sweden, and Europe, the attitude are freer and the improvised music has recognition. For instants Tim Hagans with Norrbotten Big Band worked with Folk musicians and also combined big band jazz with drum ‘n’ bass. This meeting between big band music and the sounds from modern technology are soon to be released on a CD with the title "Future Miles". The CD was recorded in Piteå, Sweden, and mixed by Scott Kinsey in Los Angeles.


Bellow: Bob Belden and Tim Hagans during a session in Sony Studios, New York City, March 2001.

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DJZAC.jpg (38354 bytes)

DJ Kingsize and Zach Danzinger takes a break in Sony Studios, New York City.








DAVE.jpg (43556 bytes)

Dave Dyson during recording sessions in Sony Studios, New York City.





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Scott Kinsey playing the Nord Lead synth during a studiosession with Hagans/Belden.




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Linda Pettersson, Tim Hagans and Norrbotten Big Band on the road in Norrbotten, February 2001.







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